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For example, the following image shows the number of bids chosen.

When you view a card in In full screen, you can examine the card more closely and see each aspect of a chart in more detail. You can hover over the chart to see the revenue for each day.


Let's look at another chart – the Net Revenue by Ad Size chart shown in the following image:

In this example, if you hover over the a slice of of the chart, you can see the exact dollar amount of net revenue for each ad size. If you hover over the a slice of of the chart.

Using Filters

Sometimes you might want to use filters to isolate a particular aspect of your data. For example, you might want to view data within a certain range of dates or view the data linked to one specific deal name.
You can apply filters to the entire page or to specific cards.

  1. To apply a filter:
    1. On the page: select> Turn on Page Filters.
    2. On a card: select
  2. To add a filter, click New Filter.
  3. Select a filter to add from the list. For example, say that you want to view only data from the beginning of 2018. You select day as the filter and your filter would look like the following image:

    Image Modified

  4. Click Click Apply.
  5. The data visualizations on the page change to reflect the filters that you selected.