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With multiple deals on the go, it can be hard to track which deals are mapped to the inventory you carved out into deal sections. To see how your deals share inventory and so compete with one another and how much traffic your Deal Sections deal sections receive, review the Reporting > Deal Section Allocation report.

In the Deal Section Allocation report, if you discover that some deals are competing with one another, you can adjust edit the deal priority in the Priority column to favor particular deals over others. To do this, click the deal name or deal ID and change the priority setting. Your change will be reflected in the Priority column of the Deal Section Allocation report.

The Deal Section Allocation report also displays the following data:

  • Available Requests is a count of all ad opportunities that targeted the Deal Section deal section over the last 30 days

  • Coverage of Total Account Requests is a percentage that represents how much of your total account traffic is targeted by the Deal Sectiondeal section


Note: A warning displays if the sample size is under 30 days.