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This solution largely functions automatically. It’s our hands-free solution: all the technical stuff happens behind-the-scenes.

This Solution was built for you if...

  • You use Google Ad Manager (GAM, formerly called DFP) and want an easy solution to integrate header bidding demand onto your site

  • You want the Wrapper to handle which ads are displayed on your pages, set targeting, and manage timing of the GAM ad call

  • You prefer the easiest technical setup

GAM Standard Wrapper competes with GAM on a level playing field: the timelines and bids are 100% even. It’s a fair race to the finish line – who will win? (Spoiler alert: it’s us. And, ultimately you.)

how this Solution works, under the hood


The JavaScript library sends a request for bids to all configured adapters. Each adapter completes an auction and returns demand.


Each adapter delivers their demand, through the Wrapper, to GAM.


GAM completes a final auction and selects a winning line item. If the line item corresponds to a header bidding adapter, the Wrapper communicates with the creative and injects the appropriate ad into the correct slot on your site.

Fun fact! GAM Standard is the first Wrapper we built, and it remains the most widely used publisher solution available at IX.


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